Personality and Intelligence
A Psychological Perspective

Course Description

Broaden your mind and understanding with our evening course in Psychology. Whether you’re looking to change direction and start a career in the industry, or you’re eager to benefit from a stronger understanding of how people think, act and feel, our course will help you to unlock your potential.

In this 10-week course you will have the opportunity to learn about psychological approaches of individual differences by focusing on personality, intelligence. Then looking at Developmental thought practices will give you understanding into how cognitive and developmental processes contribute to human behaviour. Finally, understanding how our thoughts, feeling and emotions impact our behaviours and actions

Course Content

Topic 1 – Why are we the way we are?


Individual differences and Personality

  • Psychodynamic – Freud
  • Humanistic/Cognitive – Rodgers / Maslow
  • Behavioural – Skinner
  • Social – Bandura


Topic 2 – Can we become more intelligent?



  • What is it?
  • Historical models of intelligence; Spearman’s model, Cattell’s crystalised vs Fluid, Gardner – multiple intelligences
  • Individual differences and intelligence
  • Measuring intelligence
  • Memory


Topic 3 – How do we behave around others?


Social Psychology

  • Personal perception, attribution and bias
  • Attitudes and attraction
  • Behaviour: conformity and obedience.
  • Groups and leadership


Topic 4 – What motivates us and drives emotion?


Motivation and Emotion

  • Motivation Theories and concepts
  • Emotions
  • Hunger, sex and hormones
  • Shifting patterns of thought
  • Understanding bias


Topic 5 – Self exploration


A Diary of exploration of your own life and answering fundamental questions. People who give the time to write about themselves and their life become happier, more fulfilled, less anxious and depressed and feel physically better. Living a more focused and meaningful life as they become more productive, persistent and engaged in life. This is due to the fact of thinking about where you came from, who you are and where you are going helps you chart a simpler and more rewarding path through life.


1st February 2023 – 17th May 2023




Wednesday evenings 7 pm – 9pm


College Certification



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