Mindset for Success
(Success formula)

Course Description

This course is about taking the kinds of massive, focused, congruent actions that lead to overwhelming results. Participants will learn how to take charge and run their own brain and body more effectively than ever before. It will provide participants with the tools on how to discover what they really want out of life and how they can communicate more effectively with others. This course is for people who want to follow the Success Formula and take action to change their life. It will enable participants with the skills and strategies that would enable them to change anything they wanted to change, and to do it faster.

On completion of the course the participant will:

Course Content

  • Discover how to unleash the inner force (passion) through the power of
    goals in this course
  • Learn about what beliefs are and how to use them
  • Learn about the strategies that produce excellence
  • Understand values to achieve excellence
  • Learn and apply the tools that can immediately increase physical vibrance
  • Learn how to form lasting, living bonds with others


2 nd Oct 2019 – 11 th Dec 2019


Wednesday evenings 7pm – 9pm



Subject to demand this 10-week course will run in February 2020

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