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Course Description

This 10-week course in Psychology will focus on some of the perspectives and theories in modern psychological thought.

Course Content

• Philosophical Thinking and the birth of psychology
William Wundt
• Psychodynamic Perspective
Freud, Erikson, Adler
• The Behaviourist Perspective
Watson, Skinner, Bandura
• The Humanistic Perspective
Rogers, Maslow, Rank and May
• Developmental Psychology
Jean Piaget, Shema Theory, Play Theory, John Bowlby
• Social Psychology
Interpersonal Relationships, Personality, Group Behaviour
• Abnormal Psychology
What abnormality is, Mental Disorder, Abnormality in Development


20th February 2023 – 3rd May 2023




Monday evenings 7 pm – 9pm


College Certification



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