Healing Through Play
A Psychotherapeutic Approach

Course Description

Play therapy is a mode of therapy that helps children understand painful experiences and upsetting feelings. As play is a child’s natural form of expression, it can allow them communicate at their own level without having to put it into words. Play allows the child to meet needs and wishes while releasing fears. It also helps them to address emotional and Behavioural difficulties.

Play therapy can help children to develop confidence and positive self esteem. It can help them find healthier ways of communicating and can promote resilience and coping strategies. As the child in plat therapy is helped to gain control over difficult feelings, memories and reactions and learns to deal with them more effectively within the playroom, he/she generally transfers these newly developed skills to his everyday life.

Course Content

• Piaget’s framework of adaptation and mental schemas.
• Attachment theory and internal working models.
• Erikson’s emotional developmental perspective.

Mains Tools are

Creative visualization, Dance and Movement, Art, Drama therapy, Storytelling, Puppets, Sand tray, Masks, Music, Clay.


3 rd February 2020 – 11 th May 2020


Monday evenings 7 pm – 9pm



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