Project Management
QQI Level 6

Course Description

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence in the theory, principles and practice of project management to enable the learner to take responsibility for the planning, implementation and review of a project, working independently and or supervising the work of others.

Course Content

  1. Examine the key principles and concepts underpinning project management
    theory and practice
  2. Investigate a range of approaches to project management to include specific
    tools and techniques used to plan, cost and manage a project
  3. Communicate project management planning operations using a variety of
    information channels
  4. Examine monitoring and evaluation techniques for a project.
  5. Apply appropriate controls and evaluation techniques to achieve project aims
    and objectives
  6. Formulate a project management proposal by establishing rationale based on
    valid needs analysis
  7. Devise a risk analysis for a project to include the preparation of a contingency
  8. Evaluate the methodology and process of a selected project
  9. Utilise financial planning and budget models within the context of managing a project
  10. Manage a project taking corrective action where necessary to meet agreed


2 nd October 2019 – 5 th February 2020


Wednesday 6.30pm –



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