Adult Access – Employment & Academic Skills

Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme

Adult Access Employment Skills

Participants on the Adult Access Employment Skills course will receive practical and relevant skills to assist in securing future employment or proceeding to Further and Higher Education. Course content includes:

  • Career Planning
  • IT Skills
  • Workplace Safety
  • Work Experience
  • Functional Maths
  • Communications
  • Computer Applications

Electives –

  • English as a Second Language (Level 4)

Other Level 5 components relevant to Year 2 studies

Qualifications & Progression

This course offers students the opportunity to gain relevant work experience in a preferred industry. They will learn skills to improve their candidacy when applying for employment. They will also improve academic skills such as report writing, presentations and computer literacy to build an excellent foundation to undertaking their preferred stream of study in Year Two.


It will also set our Graduates up with an excellent knowledge base for Year Two when they will select their next direction of study for a QQI Level 5 qualification in one of the following areas within WCFE:

  • Animal Care
  • Art & Photography
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Computing
  • Construction & Security Systems
  • Hairdressing
  • Media