Advanced Certificate in Business
QQI Level 6 - Advanced Certificate in Business (6M4985)


  • Business Management
  • Finance
  • Communications
  • Work Experience
  • Spreadsheets
  • Sales Presentation
  • Applied Economics
  • Statistics


  • Business subjects, coupled with information technology, prepare students for a wide range of career opportunities at middle management level in Finance, Management, Self-Employment and the Public Sector.

Courses Description

This is a full-time course designed to advance existing skills of students who have completed a business studies course. Students will be required to attend classes on each weekday, from Monday to Friday.

Any enquiries can be directed to class tutor Maurice Barry at

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Successful completion of a QQI Level 5 Certificate business or computing.
  • Successful completion of interview.
  • Applications from mature students will be considered.


  • QQI Level 6 – Advanced Certificate in Business (6M4985)


  • The full QQI Level 6 Certificate facilitates entry, on a competitive basis, to a range of third-level institutions nationwide. Further details are
    available from the relevant institutions.
  • An agreement has been negotiated with WIT to accept WCFE Level 6 students to Year 2 of the ordinary business degree, subject to specified criteria. See: Progression Information here.
  • An agreement has been negotiated with IT Carlow to accept WCFE Level 6 students who satisfy criteria directly into second year of linked business programmes. See: Progression Information here.

Work Experience

Block placement with the dates to be decided.


Excel Version or PDF Version of course costs.

Please Note: Every effort is made to have these costs as accurate as possible, however, please be aware that some of these costings are supplied by external agencies & external exam bodies and there is a potential for those to change unexpectedly. If changes occur they will be communicated to learners as soon as possible.


One Year

N.B. Due to ongoing developments in QQI awards, names and content are subject to change.

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