Art Therapy

Course Description

This comprehensive art therapy course aims to introduce the participant to the used of art therapy as a psychotherapeutic intervention. The course will cover both theory and practical elements.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Psychoanalytic Theory which underscores Art Psychotherapy modality
  • Freud’s Unsconscious & Free Association, Defence Mechanisms, Interpreting Dreams
  • Anna Freud’s Child Psychoanalysis
  • Child Development: emotional and psychological
  • Jung’s Archetypes & Collective Unconscious
  • Chronology of Art Psychotherapy Development
  • Janek Dubowski & the notion of Iconic versus Linguistic Mode in human expression and communication
  • Vera Vasarhelyi’s Art Psychotherapy: Examining Empty Space, Timelessness, Pictorial Language as an alternative mode of expression and communication
  • Use of Art Psychotherapy in Clinical Practice, Case Studies “neuroaesthetics”: the science behind our aesthetic experience and how it informs our cognitive and behavioural enhancement.
  • Self Exploration: experiential, to include group work


3rd October 2022 – 19th December 2022


Monday Evenings 7pm – 9pm



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