Sign Language

Course Description

This introductory course is suitable for those wishing to consider a future career in sign language interpretation and also for those who have a personal interest in the area. The objective of the course is to bring deaf awareness to the candidates, and also to facilitate those who may have a deaf family member whom they may wish to communicate with on a deeper level. This course is suitable for both deaf and hearing individuals and it is important to inform the learner that this course is purely introductory and does not qualify the learner to be an interpreter.

Course Content

• Introduction
• The Manual Alphabet
• Basic Conversation
• Days of the week
• Family Business
• The Weather,
• Useful Signs
• Group Work
• Team Work

The teacher will demonstrate the use of an alarm clock for the deaf, baby monitor, the use of a pager and doorbells for the deaf.


Pen and paper for note taking.


1st February 2023 – 10th May 2023



Wednesday evening 7pm – 9pm



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