Reception and Front Office Skills

Course Description

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence required to carry out reception related tasks and operations as a front-line representative in a range of organisations.

Course Content

  • Examine the skills, functions and responsibilities of a receptionist or front line office representative within an organisation
  • Outline the products, services, key policies, structures and personnel of an organisation
  • Explore the range of telecommunications network equipment used within a reception and or front office context, to include, telephone management systems, electronic directories and computer networks
  • Source information from the internet, reservation systems, postal services, call or courier logs and messaging service
  • Explain a range of telephone communications terms
  • Outline aspects of safety and health at work legislation pertaining to working within a reception context including security and emergency procedure requirements
  • Identify the process for the flow of information to and from an organisation and sources of reference or information within an organisation
  • Plan a reception layout and describe office equipment in the reception area
  • Apply a range of communication skills including personal, interpersonal and technological proficiencies using effective tone, pitch, use of voice and body language
  • Operate a range of equipment in the reception area to include a telecommunications system, an intercom, pager, a computerised data entry system, electronic diary, photocopier, scanner, fax machine and postal automation equipment
  • Produce reception material to include notices, inventory of equipment, stock requisitions, petty cash system, diary, post log, visitors log and telephone messages
  • Respond quick in pressurized reception related circumstances requiring fast and efficient comeback
  • Display a professional approach to receiving visitors, use effective customer service skills, upkeep of visitor’s log book, use initiative around unexpected visitors and maintain composure when dealing with complaints
  • Present a range of documents including order form, invoices and processing travel expenses
  • Apply a range of general administrative skills within the reception and or front office context, to include filing, booking and preparing for board meetings or conferences, organising visitors waiting area, arranging appointments, preparing an itinerary, making reservations, providing information to visitors, ordering stationery, dealing with incoming and outgoing postal dispatches and courier services


7 th October 2019 – 3 rd February 2020


Monday evening 6.30pm – 9.30pm



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