Evening Courses

Important Note

While the information contained here is as accurate as possible at the time of production, Waterford College of Further Education reserves the right to alter course content as required.

This is intended as a general guide and shall not be deemed to form a contract between Waterford College of Further Education and an applicant or any third party.


Enrolments will take place from the 2nd Sept 2019 – 27th Sep 2019 from 10am to 12 noon each day Monday to Friday only.

There are two evening enrolment dates, Wednesday 11th September 2019 and the 18th September 2019 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

All courses begin October 2019


If a student is seeking funding from a funding organisation, fees must be paid directly to the College and will be reimbursed when funding comes through.

Start Dates

You will not be contacted after registration unless your course does not go ahead.

All enquiries to:
Philip Deegan Director of Adult Education
Waterford College of Further Education
Parnell Street

Tel: 051-874053 (ext 301)
Fax: 051-870136
Web: http://www.wcfe.ie/evening-courses
Email: pdeegan@wcfe.ie


Fees for all courses must be paid prior to starting course. Each module must be paid for before that module will commence.

All modules must be paid for with cheque, postal order or bank draft. Cash will not be accepted.


Parking is available at onsite at the college for students on evening courses.

Return of Fees

Fees will only be returned where a class is not formed. If a student is eligible for a return of fees they must fill out a refund form available from the director’s office. Fees are not refundable if a student has started a course and wishes to discontinue.

All refunds will be processed mid-October 2019

Regional Educational Guidance service for adults.

Having looked at the website you may have difficulty deciding what the best choice for you might be. Help is at hand in the form of REGSA (Regional Guidance Service for Adults).

REGSA can offer you a one-to-one guidance appointment which will allow you an opportunity to explore possible career options and find a suitable course that will match your aspirations or look at career paths arising from career paths arising from the various courses available in WCFE.

Contact REGSA on (051) 302287

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